Realizing your Tropical Dreams…

First Flight's tropical garden patio and upstairs deck are the perfect Key West locations for an intimate Wedding Reception, Corporate Event, 50th Anniversary Birthday Celebration party and any of your small or large get togethers.

How To Book Your Event at First Flight

  1. INQUIRY – Contact us to discuss the when, where, why, how and what you are wanting. Click the "Book An Event" button above or call us at 305-293-8484 x11.
  2. ESTIMATE – We will create an estimate based on the information you have provided and then present to you for your review and consideration.
  3. CONTRACT – Once we hear back that you have chosen Kelly’s, we will send you a contract with the costs, deposit requirements, etc – again, as understood based on information given us.
  4. ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF CONTRACT & DEPOSIT – Upon the signing and returning of said contract with the deposit, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent your direction.
  5. ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF PAYMENTS – We will acknowledge all payments paid prior to the event (based upon the agreement)
  6. QUESTIONNAIRE – Approximately SIX WEEKS PRIOR to the special event, a questionnaire will be sent your direction. The questionnaire is to finalize the details (i.e. final count for guests).
  7. CONFIRMED ARRANGEMENTS – Once we receive the completed questionnaire, we will do the final paperwork which includes the final payment form.
  8. FINAL PAYMENT/PAPERWORK – Approximately 3 weeks prior to event, final payment will be required and final paperwork signed.

What do the cost estimates consist of?

The price for an event is determined by what is actually ordered. Basically you are looking at:
  • Per Person Rental Fee
  • Any Enhancements to Basic Rental Package (ie. Folding Padded Chairs)
  • Menu Chosen
  • Any Enhancements to Menu (i.e. Appetizers)
  • Bar
  • Any Enhancements to Bar (i.e.Champagne Toast)
  • Any Other Upgrades (i.e. Cake, Centerpieces)
  • Ceremony Costs (if applicable)
  • Set Up Fee ($5 Per Person)
  • Site Coordination-Maintenance Fee  (depends on site chosen)
  • Administration Fee (5%)  This is WAIVED if paid in full 3+weeks in advance by cash, check or money order.
  • Gratuity (20%)
  • Sales Tax (7.5%)